Device Maintainer On-loading Instructions

Device Maintainer On-loading Instructions

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Become a device maintainer

This guide is for those who would like to give back to the community and join our project by building Pure Fusion for their device.


  • You must have a working knowledge of Android ROM building, Linux, FTP, SSH, GIT and Gerrit.
  • Before becoming a maintainer, you must show us a tested and working build of Pure Fusion for your device.
  • You must be willing to submit ALL device tree/kernel/vendor changes to Gerrit. (NOT directly to GitHub)
  • You must maintain a professional and helpful attitude toward all your users, our staff, and the general public. You are, after all, becoming an official representative of our community.
  • If one of our staff asks you to do something, please do it.
  • Your builds may not contain any illegal content or apps.
  • You must provide the ROM UNROOTED.
  • All official builds must be uploaded to our download server.
  • You must maintain proper authorship and commit history in your trees. (GIT, Gerrit, etc)
  • You must be willing to join our private Slack group for developers and maintainers.
  • You must use our official template for posting on XDA. You may modify to fit your device, but it MUST include the following:
    • Our donate links and staff credits
    • Our basic intro and features
    • Our basic style and formatting

First Steps

  1. Build Pure Fusion for your device. If you need to see some templates check out our device repos at
  2. Please name your branches as we do for our devices. (n-mr2, pf-o)
  3. Make sure you have a “fusion.dependencies” file in your device tree. This is what generates the proper roomservice.xml for your device. If you need an example, please see
  4. Follow the steps on our Gerrit wiki. STOP when you get to “Your First Commit” .
  5. Submit the form below. (Please do not submit the form until you’ve completed all the above steps)